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Due to a large spam attack, this wiki has implemented a new Captcha system.

All users without accounts will need to answer questions based on Episode 50 of the podcast when engaging with the Fistshark Wiki.
We are confident this will weed out the attackers from the fans.

We apologise for any inconvenience. If you wish to avoid this measure for all future edits, you can easily register an account by clicking Here!

This wiki's aim is to chronicle the lore and happenings in the Fistshark universe.

We hope to create lists of clients, personnel, locations and much more to help track all the details of the Fistshark story.

More details will be listed here as time goes on. Please bear with us as we try to launch this wiki!

The Fistshark Office Locations Employees
Clients Rivals Important Non-Client Figures
Events Projects Films
Games Products Deaths

Transcription Project[edit]

We're also trying to fully transcribe all of the episodes. If you want to help, please Feel free to contribute!